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February 28, 2015 @ 12:21 pm by stthomas

A Lovely Poem

When my son was born, I knelt down and said,

Son, I’m happy you are here, but I wish you never came.

You were better as a star in the dark night, looking down on frail earthlings.

On this earth, you might never realise your full potentials,

You will be told that you can be whatsoever you want to be,


Don’t be deceived, it’s a cliché.


Society has your roles written in black and white before you came,

If you dare do otherwise, you will be nicknamed a deviant.

I love you and I don’t want the fate of deviants to befall you.


Society scorns celibacy, let your virility show in the young maidens of the town, impregnate them in their hundreds, because that is what society wants,

If you steal in little quantity, you will be incarcerated, steal huge amounts, they will be dumbfounded, and you will be rewarded with a chieftaincy title.

If you ever want to kill, please don’t kill a single person or else you will be jailed,

Kill in thousands, you will be dreaded and the government will beg for your mercy,

Don’t be a teacher, because their rewards are in heaven, and that is for those that will be fortunate to make heaven,

Be a politician, you will steal and men of God will fight your cause, your victims will reverence and enthrone you,

Keep them hungry and dispirited, and their love for you will wax stronger.

While you are here, enjoy your stay, I love you truly.

Source: Theresa Osagae [Unilag NFCS, Alumni and member of St Cecilia’s Choir St Thomas More Catholic Chaplaincy, Unilag]

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