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February 22, 2014 @ 12:48 pm by stthomas

Appreciating our spiritual health

The soul is an integral part of a person. It is through the soul that a person communicates with God and relates to what is spiritual. To accept yourself as created in the image of God and as ‘temple of the holy spirit’ means that, you make an effort towards the care of your soul.

Spiritual things do not come naturally to us for the spirit and the body is always opposed to each other. St Paul says ‘the things I would like to do, I do not and the things I would not like I do (Rom: 7-15). We often find it hard to do the things that we believe will be pleasing to God, but it is possible if we make a real effort, ways to care for our souls.

Reading- we holy writingsdepending on the faith we profess. For us Christians, we believe the bible is the word of God and the constitution of Christians.Reading and mediating on it regularly will help us to feed our souls with the things of God. Besides the Bible, there are other good books, which can give us spiritual and moral values. If you are reading this, it is a good indication that you are on the right part. Look up these good books and read them, if you are in doubt about the suitability of a particular book, seek the opinion of a trustworthy and responsible adult.

Prayer- This is the communication with God. It is necessary to develop a habit of personal prayer when you talk to God in your own way. This way you will develop a personal relation with God and you can confide in him all your joys, pains, fears, and daily struggles.

Sometimes back, I visited a friend’s house and before going to bed and my host asked his five years old daughter to pray for us. When we were all quiet the little girl began ‘God I thank you for mum and dad and brother Martins, and for our dog Bingo and for the grass and for my ball, and for my auntie Eunice and for the trees, God help Martins not to cry too much and for Bingo not to be hiding my ball and for our visitor to come again’. I struck by the prayer of this little girl, she was talking to as she would to her parents or any other person, perhaps that ishow we too should pray. Through daily prayer, we can grow in friendship with God and he will help us in our spiritual growth.

It would also be helpful to join prayer groups, youth prayer groups, family prayers and church community groups.

………Extracted from SS. Peter and Paul Bulletin (2009)

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