Friends & My Brother

FRIENDS A friend is one who was born to be your companion there are friends all around you some are wolf in sheep clothing others are enemies undercover a true friend is always there for you when you’re happy, they’re happy when you’re sad, they’re sad when you feel bad,...

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Mr Conductor

They always say that if you can live in Lagos, you can live anywhere. The reason cannot be farfetched-it is difficult to live in Lagos. As I hurried with my niece to join the Yaba bus one afternoon,I couldn’t tell that trouble awaits,there wasn’t enough time to breath how much...

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A Lovely Poem

When my son was born, I knelt down and said, Son, I’m happy you are here, but I wish you never came. You were better as a star in the dark night, looking down on frail earthlings. On this earth, you might never realise your full potentials, You will be...

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