Catholic Mobile Apps for Your Lenten Journey

Our smartphones can be a distraction that detracts from our spiritual lives. This Lent, why not let your phone inspire you toward penance and prayer with these Catholic apps?   1. Lenten devotions Xt3 Lent Calendar by Catholic Communications—Archdiocese of Sydney ($1.99) Xt3’s Lenten Calendar contains everything you need to...

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Abortion: What the Church Teaches

If you asked an average group of Catholics to identify the Church’s position on abortion, they might give you a one-word answer: “NO.” What a shame. In reality, the Church’s teaching on abortion really begins with a great big “YES.” It begins with a yes to all human life created...

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10 Tips for Married Couples

Almost everyone knows that the Catholic Church supports marriage, yet that the divorce rate in the United States hovers around 50 percent. It’s welcome news, then, that the Church has launched a campaign to help—not only Catholics, but all—married couples to strengthen their own marriage. Not long ago, the bishops...

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Appreciating our spiritual health

The soul is an integral part of a person. It is through the soul that a person communicates with God and relates to what is spiritual. To accept yourself as created in the image of God and as ‘temple of the holy spirit’ means that, you make an effort towards...

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