Mortal sin and Holy Communion

Full Question The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that if a person makes a “perfect” act of contrition, his mortal sins are forgiven if he has the firm amendment to go to sacramental confession as soon as possible. Does this mean that a person in the pew at Sunday...

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On Genuflecting and bowing

General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM 2003): 274. A genuflection, made by bending the right knee to the ground, signifies adoration, and therefore it is reserved for the Most Blessed Sacrament, as well as for the Holy Cross from the solemn adoration during the liturgical celebration on Good Friday until...

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Sacramental Life

BAPTISM 1. It is the beginning of new life/birth into the new life in Christ 2. It is the sacrament that cleanses us from original sins; make us children of God and members of the church. 3. It is the sacrament that sent us forth to go and make disciples...

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The Bible on Divorce, part 2

In our previous post, we established that divorce is adultery — but we hear two objections:  1. That one verse, taken in isolation, can distort the real meaning; and 2. That the Jewish law was valid and therefore divorce was licit. To reply to those who argue that there is only...

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jesus (1)

The Bible on Divorce, part one

According to one popular source, over 78% of all Americans believe in Jesus.  The most popular book (by far) that the followers of Jesus use for their source of what it means to be a faithful Christian is the Bible.  What the Bible says about important topics, like family life, have...

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