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Friends & My Brother | St Thomas More Catholic Chaplaincy


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October 27, 2015 @ 5:33 pm by stthomas

Friends & My Brother


A friend is one
who was born
to be your companion
there are friends all around you
some are wolf in sheep clothing
others are enemies undercover
a true friend is always there for you
when you’re happy, they’re happy
when you’re sad, they’re sad
when you feel bad, they feel same
when you cry, they also cry
when in pain, they feel your pain
God bless the friend
who loves me for what I am
and what I can be
friends add so much pleasure to my days
and make me realise that
friendship is a special part
of all that’s precious to my heart



My brother is such a bother
he makes me to wonder
and ponder on what to do
he makes me glad
and makes me mad
he gives me a headache
and gives me cake
he makes me shout
and says he’s exercising my mouth
but I still love him!
do you know why?
that is because
he knows what to do to make me happy
at all times
and that’s what makes him
the best brother in the world


Poem by Yewande Sheu

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