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Give to the Lord with ease [Please Read! – from the Agn Chaplain] | St Thomas More Catholic Chaplaincy


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February 28, 2015 @ 12:27 pm by stthomas

Give to the Lord with ease [Please Read! – from the Agn Chaplain]

·      To develop a habit of giving to the Lord
·      To be able to give to the Lord with ease
·      To help in the work of God
How Can One Give to the Lord With Ease?
·      Make use of the POS machine in the Chaplaincy’s Admin Office
·      Give to the Lord with ease using the Box beside the Blessed Sacrament in the Chapel
·      Be committed to ‘Give to the Lord with ease Sunday’ (1st Sunday of the month)
Guiding principle
·      It is what you decide to give to the Lord
·      It is a regular activity (it can be: weekly, monthly or quarterly)
·      Give to the Lord from every source of your income (salary, gifts, returns, allowances, etc.)


First Quarter – 2015 Projects:
·      Repair of Chapel roof
·      Renovation and painting of the Chapel
·      Paving of the right side of the Chapel
·      1st Phase of sand filling of the Rev. Fathers’ House site and soil test
Items that can be paid for:
1) 1 Bag of Cement                            (2000)
2) Bucket of paint                               (7,000)
3) Quarter of a truck of Sharp sand    (11,250)
4) Fastflex cartoon                              (18,000)
5) Half truck of Sharp sand                (22,500)
6) Krystaline drum                              (20,000)
7) Super latex drum                            (32,000)
8) Full truck load of Sharp sand         (45,000)
9) A truck of Granite –                       (145,000)

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